Meet The Pendleton's

In 2019, Our family almost lost our MVP!

A father, husband, son, and friend to many during the long hours of physical manual labor. Owner Tiffany’s husband John became injured on the job. After being electrocuted by 4,160 volts of electricity to the top of his head John spent months in the hospital. He has endured over  30+ reconstruction surgeries over the last few years and has a life long road of new obstacles ahead of him. Following after a traumatic brain injury John is also a burn survivor sustaining 3rd & 4th degree electrical burns.

 Not only was Arcingahead ™️ established to offer a one of a kind blue collar apparel line but also importantly to be able to help more families like ours in time of need and offer our support. With this apparel line we stride to recognize and show support to our fellow Blue Collar Men, Women, Children and Families.

Our family prays for your families safety at all times!

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Working a Blue Collar Job?

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Have an experience or life story you'd like to share with us?

Allow us to be your outlet as we encourage everyone to share their life experiences good and bad. Together we can create a new community of support for each other while sharing our life experiences!

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